Why Use A Surveyor? is an information sheet produced by the The Barbados Land Surveyors Association (BLSA).  The following is a list of just some of the reasons why the services of a Land Surveyor may be required.

1. You need to know exactly where your land boundaries are.
Possible reasons:
a) You are purchasing land.
b) You are about to enclose your property.
c) You are having a dispute with your neighbour over the position of your boundary.
d) You are about to carry out construction on the land.

2. You need an up to date boundary plan of your land.
Possible reasons:
a) You never had one or can’t find it.
b) Your existing plan is very old and may not be to current standards of accuracy.
c) You went to the bank to take out a mortgage and they requested a new survey.
d) Your existing plan may not reflect your present ownership.

3. You would like to subdivide land into more than one parcel.
Possible Reasons:
a) To satisfy a will.
b) You want to sell some of your land.
c) You are developing a piece of land as a project.

4. You need a topographic survey.
Possible Reasons:
a) Your Architect has requested one to plan the siting of your future house.
b) You are planning to change the landscape and want to calculate cut & fill volumes.
c) Your Engineer has requested one in order to design a drainage system for the site.
d) To plan for road improvement.

5. You need some designed positions set out accurately.
Possible Reasons:
a) You want to know where to begin building your house or some other structure.
b) To allow you to visualise the planned structure or development.
c) You need to place connected pieces of machinery in proper alignment to avoid undue wear.

6. You need a hydrographic survey.
Possible Reasons:
a) You want to be sure there is enough clearance for ships entering a harbour.
b) To determine the length of drainage pipe necessary for outfall at sea.
c) You want to monitor coastal erosion or accretion.

7. You need to know the volume of some earthen material or feature.
Possible Reasons:
a) You are being paid by the volume of material excavated on a site.
b) You have to order the material required to fill an area to certain design levels.
c) You need to know how much water a lake or catchment can hold.

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George Godson
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